Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kids...its fun to shoot

I thoroughly enjoy photographing kids, recently I got an opportunity to photograph two lovely kids of my friend (Rajas Kirtane).... 3months old Ishan and his bro Yash....I was able to take the shots as these kids cooperated very well...

My main intention was to produce "High Key" shots which would have lots of white or highlights in totality without much compromise on skin tone.... I know I need to learn a lot on compositions and exposures but I believe my baby steps will take me to achieve this one day.... every photo shoot is a learning experience for me and I enjoyed it with satisfaction.

This was my first shoot with new Westcott 60inch Umbrella I bought last week and I am totally satisfied with the quality of light it produced. I wanted to photograph Ishu baby for long time but I was waiting to get my budget ready for this umbrella.... looking at the results I feel this light modifier is worth to its cost $47.

Set up: 2 Vivitar flash in 2:1 ratio, one with umbrella and one background. f/5.6 to f/8, 1/200 (sync speed for Canon T1i), ISO100

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Harley Davidson....get macho !!

Well before the summer starts in Green Bay, people comes out with their Harley Davidson  on the road.... its one of my dreams to ride this bike before I leave US. Whenever I see someone riding the bike I miss my Royal Enfield Electra... I don't know how long I will miss it..well..

     So I thought instead of creeping I should at least photograph a bike (die cast model) which I bought from Harley Davidson museum at Milwaukee. I photographed this bike previously on a seamless white background with CFL continuous light bulbs, this time I have experimented it with couple of flashes with Grids made out from drinking straws.....after lot of experiments I got few good exposures, here they are.....

Here is the set up: I have used 2 strobes with grids. One of that is covered with blue gel paper which has projected blue spot behind and another on the right to highlight bike details. Also couple of foam boards are used to give direction to the light. The set up shot is very poor and you would hardly see the flashes but it may give you some idea behind the shot.