Monday, December 26, 2011

Toy Story 4...

Toy Story such a wonderful movie series and I just watched TS3, what a great animation and of-course the story too. So no dout I am inspired with it and created below Time Lapse video using my daugher's toys in my Christmas vacation time...Toy Story 4 :)

The difficult part of the entire shoot was to keep my daughter away from the toys while I am playing with them ;) but she came in between and moved the tripod as she wanted to play with my toy (Canon T1i) which resulted in camera shift which you can observe in the video....anyways its fun to handle such challenges ;)

Being no flashes involved  this time, the set up was very simple : a Tripod (on fixed position), cable release to avoid camera shake during shutter press and lots of patience, because after every little move of the toy you have to take picture which ultimately results in a video, the more the pictures the smoother the result.

This video uses 208 frames run with the speed of 6 fps (frames per second)
I used Quick Time Pro to create video out of photographs
Sound track : Carol of the Bells

Exif: f8, ISO200