Thursday, December 23, 2010

Green Bay Winter..

When weather gets colder in Green Bay, the snow covers almost everything on the ground, the Fox River pass through the city is almost frozen...I feel lucky to be here in such a wonderful weather. Every morning while going to office I see the scenic landscapes which appeals me to capture it in my camera. But the problem is I cannot stop the car in between to take the last weekend I decided to go out to the park (Voyager Park) which is on the Fox River bay. The temperature was down to -14 Deg Cel, the whole park was covered with snow and I was walking in almost 1.5 ft deep snow, believe me it was amazing experience. However it was so cold that i was rushing through the images to get back to my car to be more comfortable. I ended up having couple of good pictures, here they are...

This is little technical but would like to mention here ...
Brilliant white snow confuses the camera meter reading since it wants to make everything mid-toned which leads to under-exposed shots ... and snow looks gray in the final image. I dialed exposure compensation value to+1.5 to +2 which gave me kind of correct exposures..

All photos - f/20, ISO200, Auto shutter, Exp Comp in the range +1.5 to +2, hand held

Monday, December 6, 2010

Attempting Food Photographs

I believe food photography is one the of challenging fields which demands lots of creative angles, understanding deft of field & study of light. I would definitely like to give my best efforts to capture some nice food photographs. Here are my first food photographs to capture Diwali sweets, ‘Karanji’ & ‘Rava ladoo’ which my wife Kamakshi prepared for this Diwali....

Like Pu La Deshpande mentioned in “Asa Mi Asa Mi”... राजहंसाचे चालणे| जगी झालीया शाहणे | म्हणुनी काय कवणे| चालूची नये | ;) in simple words "Doing your best means never stop trying.”

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Product Photographs

Adding couple of more photos on product photography tryouts. All these pictures taken on a white background with contiguous light focus. CFL lights are good and cheap to try out this lighting set ups, though I wish to have a flash (Speedlight) which will give me more flexibility to tryout creative lighting setup

This is a Harley Davidson 1:18 die-cast replica I bought from HD museum at Milwaukee with the intention to photograph it. With 18-55mm lense I still find it challenging to get closeup and tryout different angles to minute details. This picture is captured at 55mm zoomout position on tripod.

f14 0.8'' ISO100 Exposure comp+1.3 steps

This is my daughter's (Urvi's) first tooth brush we bought from Walmart - when I was shooting above bike picutres she was plyaing with this brush, so I just thought it could be a good prodcut to photograph...and here it is ....

f14 1/8 ISO100 33mm

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cello Tape Dispenser

   I am always fascinated with the product photography. Whenever I see the product catalogs of  popular retailer shops like Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond I feel like buying the products just looking at the pictures. I am giving my try to capture some product photographs on my table top studio...this is one of them..

Canon T1i 
f36 - 1/3 - ISO100 @55mm on Tripod

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Moon ...

The first posting of my blog – the Moon which implies to my name- Shashi.

Like many of us I always had a wish to take a detailed photograph of moon in which I could see the craters on the moon. Since the time I bought my first DSLR (Canon T1i), I was eager to photograph a moon but the challenge was to go near as much as possible....without a space ship ;-). With the kit lens of 18-55mm it was too difficult to get the close enough capture. To overcome the problem I had two options, either take the picture at the moon rise or have a telephoto zoom. Thanks to Santosh Abhyankar from whom I got the Canon 55-250mm lens and then I chase the moon rise in a city called De Pere (Wisconsin, US) where I am staying..... I think the photo has come near to my expectation, what do you think ??

Canon T1i
f7.1 - 1/230 - ISO100 @250mm