Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doty Park shoot

After a long time I got an opportunity to participate in  a group photo shoot for "Focus July Monthly Meeting" which was at Doty Park, Neenah,WI.... thanks to Christy Euclide who organised this.

I had no specific agenda in mind but I was carrying a Westcott 60" umbrella light modifier so wanted utilize it as much as possible. To be honest I am not very happy with the results since I got lot of hard shadows where I was expecting the soft light....might be either I am still not placing the light in right direction or I should have at least one more fill light. The One-Light technique is not quite simple as I thought earlier.... I need to learn more from Zac Arias.

 The best thing about such shoot is, you get new friends who are either professional photographers or newbies like me who came to learn and experience the new things....happy shooting

Model: Skylar Kuehnl
Place: Doty Park, WI
Light modifier: Westcott 60in umbrella