Monday, February 21, 2011

Heavy Metal Shoot - Green Bay

Last Sunday (02/20) I had participated in a Photo shoot organised by a Green Bay photography club, the whole experience was not less than a roller coaster ride... I went back with couple of good shots and lot of lessons.
During my engineering days I never thought that someday I will encounter a mechanical factory full of professional models to shoot... Mechanical factory is all about workers in blue/gray uniforms,production targets, supervisor hovering around to check if any worker is hanging around, machines are making all kinds of noise in which you barely hear what other person is saying etc etc - The scene was total opposite in the factory I visited yesterday....the shop was filled up by rock music, photographer were setting up their shooting gears and all over the floor funky chunky models were roaming around with all kinds of fashion clothing which I had seen only on TV or fashion just imagine !!
Looking around this chaos I had no idea from where to start and what to the time i took out my camera and light stand, one model approached me for a shoot. Believe me I had no words to reply, I just said yes and she quickly started posing by nearest available machine...I was literally sweating... but then I took some pictures and showed her...according to her it was fabulous pictures of the day !! the fact is day was just started .... hehehe..she must have understood what is my level ;))
After couple of shots, my brand new Vivitar flash fell down from the light stand...i realized during all that hasty set up i did not fix it properly on a light stand (lessons learnt - don't get confused, cool down, make sure every equipment is in right place and then start!!)
After a little warm up I requested couple of models and found that everyone was interested to get shoot. All these models were either professionals or studying in some fashion schools. Through this kind of photo shoots they are benefited by creating their portfolios (may be for free) by various pro/learning photographers and increase their network. Also the photographers get opportunity to shoot various models at one time one location - so its a win win game ! I liked the whole concept of meet up shoot...

I get to know what all photography gears used by Pros and how they handle it. Most of the time, the minimum the equipments the better it is..... I have observed most of the photographers were untilising one light equipment gear with keep it simple strategy...which was cool.

Here are some of the shots....



The entire photoshoot ....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Water Drops.....

2 days back I bought Vivitar DF 383 flash which is a budget flash; my dream came true. After an exhaustive review around the budget speedlites I decided to go with Vivitar although Yongnuo YN-560 is also a good flash (may be that will be my next flash). 
So the first experiment I wanted to do was to capture the water droplets as many of the photo enthusiast does. I am happy with my Canon T1i & its kit lens (18-55mm) which gave me these satisfactory results which I am happy to share with you. To be honest I don't know what difference it would have made if I had a macro lens..
The set up was quite simple, but since it was related to water my daugter Urvi was very much interested to help me in everything by playing in it....she wanted to almost swim in that cake pan filled with water. Finally she was successfull to splash water on the camera and flash unit....and got a 'fatka' as a reward :)
I used the gift bag & a gift wrap paper as background, the colours of droplets are reflected from these backgrounds.

And here is the setup..

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine...

On this valentine day I dedicate this post to my greatest supporter, best friend, and wife Kamakshi. I believe any hobby to continue, you need a great support from your near ones and someone should understand how much you are into it...Kamakshi motivated my photography hobby by always saying yes to the things I do, the things I buy, assisting me in photography set ups, by giving me various suggestions, telling me where I am wrong & most important is sparing time whenever I need it...what else I want ?? My blog is a outcome of her suggestion..she wanted me to record my experiments and she believe this way I will not lose the traction on my hobby.... trust me that’s a "BIG" support and motivation.
Many a times I feel guilty that I am so much obsessed with my hobby, I just don’t give attention to her likes and wishes. I am very poor in getting any kind of gift to make her thought of expressing my feelings to her through this post… Kamakshi you are my Valentine.. J

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter outside office

Everyday during lunch I see these sit-out benches outside the office canteen, these days they are covered with snow and looks beautiful.... of-course I wanted to photograph it. Last weekend it was a sunny day so I came to office just to shoot it and gone back with these pictures...