Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flash Bus Review - Wisconsin Tour 2011

Joe McNally & David Hobby the most popular and highly followed names in the world of Photography. When I came to know that they are conducting off-camera Flash seminar (Flash Bus 2011) in Madison Wisconsin on Apr15th, I could not stop myself and registered for it. I feel myself lucky to be able to see these guys in real action so early in my photogrphy journey. I have been following David Hobby through his blog (strobist) and seen lot of Joe McNally's work and still trying to understand how he deals with difficult situations.

The registration fee was $99 was it worth ? If you’re new to off-camera lighting or have started dabbling a bit into it and have read a number of books and/or online articles and still can’t quite wrap your head around all of it, then yes, the Flash Bus Tour is worth it for you. It might be a bit dizzying and difficult to keep-up and I doubt you’ll retain or even learn everything that is talked about by David Hobby or Joe McNally, but the opportunity to hear them speak and explain first hand in person was extremely valuable.

These two gurus are masters of on-location lighting with small speed lights (i.e. flashes), but their lighting methods are as different as night and day. David favors manual exposure, while Joe likes Through The Lens (TTL) exposure. The thing that made this seminar so valuable was that they effectively demonstrated how the same “beautiful light” can be created by different equipment, different light modifiers, and different lighting approaches.

I read and watch every bit of instructional material I can get my hands on but I really feel like watching someone implement this stuff right in front of me will be really instrumental in my education, and thoroughly inspirational at the least.

What I enjoyed most was each of their personalities. Each of them had their own style, but both were incredible funny, personable and great to watch on stage. They have a great stage presence, and when they were not on stage talking they were more than happy to talk to people, shake hands, and were down to earth about the whole thing.

With "Strobist" David Hobby my favorite !

With "Numnuts" Joe McNally the great !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Low Key Drama

Low key photography is something I learnt new this week, so thought of attempting it. Light in 90 deg always creates a dramatic mood. Models are as usual the ever ready my family :) Keeping Urvi still for these pics was a challenge, I had to promise her a candy just for a this are always demanding and she got it as promised...

f/5.6, 1/80sec, ISO 200
Flash- Vivitar DF 383 @ 1/8 power

Setup: I placed a flash inside a closet to restrict the light spreading all over the places. Here is the light diagram I found it online