Saturday, July 7, 2012

Self portrait

After a long time I am writing a blog so feeling like a stranger on my own blog :) ...Today morning while I was going through my LinkedIn profile I thought I should have my profile picture here..... however, I have been always thinking about it but never gave a serious thought. First of all I am shy to publish my photo on the web and second, I always wanted to take a self portrait for which I never took special efforts. Now being alone at home and having plenty of time in hand it was perfect opportunity to take a self portrait to have a profile photo.

So here is the be honest I am pleased with the result.....the reason is .....taking a self photo is not at all easy, more over I have added 2 external flashes in the setting which made it more difficult to take photo and check the results after every shot. After almost 85 shots this one came near to my I am proud owner of my profile picture

f5.6 @50 mm
ISO 200
Key light (left) : power 1/4 @ 4 ft with 60 inc umbrella
Fill light (right) : power 1/16 bare flash without modifier
Post production: added little contrast and vignetting in PS camera RAW