Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moment and Motion !

In the search of something new, this week I came across something called Cinemagraphs. This is a technic which allows motion in the captured moment, which is a pretty cool idea. I gave a shot to create my own cinemagraph.....its so nice to have the Moment with Motions.

Here is the link which I referred to create cinemagraph.

Update 07/23/2012: I have found this cinemagraph tutorial which is more simpler to understand hope this will help you to create your own.

My daughter Urvi was watching her favorite animated tv show Wonder Pets on nick Jr.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The ice breaker....

When the days are stressfull and nothing is working out as per your expectations, it builts up frustration and that time you need an ice breaker to get some relief. Same thing happened to me last week when loads of work, high expectaions from cliet etc etc ended up with frustration ...but then I got an BIG relief when Kamakshi (my betterhalf) told me that her recipe got selected amongst the top5 in the online contest she participated.....she was anxiously waiting for the results for last 2 weeks which finally paid back. Her happiness washed out all my frustration .....and also it was nice to see my photograph on someone else's website :) was good enough for me to get going ....

here is Kamakshi's recipe (Apple Custard with Strawberry Sauce)...try it !!

And here is the set up - however, I tried lots of lighting angles but this one was good, I have seen back-lighting works best with food photography.