Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ever since I bought a plexiglass (Acrylic sheet) for the table top photography, one of the thing I always wanted to try was take pictures of fruit slices by back lighting them through the plexiglass. So far I was very lazy to start the set up but today I decided to do it brought some fruits from a local grocery store and gave a try.

I’ve seen shots like this a many a times in the trade publications and in various food fact I was very much inspired by the concept. These types of shots always interested me, but I never found the opportunity to do one myself.

The challenge was to back lit the fruit slices....I thought it would have been nice if I had a glass top coffee table after thinking a while I end up using a dust bin (its a new one and never been perfect candidate !). I used two white papers inside the bin and kept the plexiglass on top of it. It served two purposes, one- it act like a table top by holding the plexiglass and second, it act like a soft box because I placed one of my strobes inside the bin which was my main light to back lit the fruits. After having some trial shots, I cut the fruits slices and kept on the glass...and here are the pics...I am very happy with the Saturday was busy and productive !!

Camera: Canon T1i
Kit lens 18-55mm
f stop between 11 to 4
2 flashes - one in the bin, power 1/4 and other on umbrella stand, power 1/8
White reflector (foam board) on right side

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