About me

Photography is my hobby and I enjoy taking the pictures of all sorts, right from product photographs to landscapes. The instinct of photography was there almost all the time but it got ignited strongly when I handled the first DSLR camera (Nikon, I don’t remember the model) at my friend's (Nilesh Sule) place. Nilya thanks for explaining me the basics around Aperture/Shutter speed & ISO at that time which took me long way since then....

I am influenced with many photographers who are creative and successful in their career such as Ritam Banarjee. I was amazed with Ritam's photographs which he shoot during Royal Enfield's Himalayan Odyssey a bike expedition which I participated in 2006. I keep following his website and blog to checkout his creative work.

Internet is my basic source of knowledge. Tons of information is available on the net which helped me to explore the world of photography. To further enhance my skills and know how the technical understanding I have registered to NYIP (New York Institute of Photography) professional photography course, which is a distance learning program.

Till the time I bought my first DSLR 'Canon T1i/500D' in Dec2009 I was taking pictures with my point and shoot Canon 'ixus800 IS' which is also a great camera in its range and I love to shoot with it..

It’s amazing to see so many people are pursuing photography either as hobby or a profession. I think it is because of the Digital world of photography which made this hobby so affordable by eliminating the cost related to film & its development. I am saying this with all due respect to Film and its related skills, in fact I salute to them who worked or working with the Film and its development...it really requires a separate skill set which I am not exposed to...lot much to learn !

My favorite photographers - they are my favorites not only they are great photographer but they are great teachers. What I like most about these guys are they ready to share their knowledge without fear of competition.

Zack Arias
Joe McNally
David Hobby
Gavin Hoey
Bryan Peterson

Happy Shooting..

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